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Power Plant Maps

  Texas Power Plant Maps - Gas, Coal, Nuclear   

How To Report Texas Power Plant Health & Safety Issues

Discuss Issues About Texas Power Plants

1 Blue Dots = Health or Safety Issue Light Blue = Old Capped Oil & Gas Wells
2 Dots = Power Plants, Oil & Natural Gas Drilling Sites, Renewables, Refineries
3 Add pin, enter address, describe health issue(s) & number of people
4 Share map with friends, regulatory agencies, health organizations & Gov't officials

Detailed Video Instructions is raising the awareness of various illnesses potentially caused by living in close proximity to power stations (gas, oil, coal, nuclear) and these locations are in purple. The map also shows solar, wind and hydro renewable energy locations and these locations are in yellow. This map alows users to report health and pollution issues directly on the map and these locations are highlighted in blue.

Click on the dots above and navigate to the local maps below for discussion and to learn more about each power plant issue. Please email us to add a new local map discussion.

Boulder, Bakersfield, China, India, Japan, Russia Shanghai


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