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Power Plant Maps

  Map of Coal Power Plant Health & Safety Issues   

How To Report Coal Ash Pollution Health & Safety Issues

Discuss Issues About Coal Power Plant Pollution Issues

1 Blue Dots = Search for "Coal Ash"
2 Power Plants, Oil & Natural Gas Drilling Sites, Renewables, Refineries
3 Add pin, enter address, describe coal health issue(s) & number of people
4 Add new coal power plant health issue by clicking + on map"

Video on How to Search for Coal Power Plants is raising the awareness of various illnesses potentially caused by living in close proximity to power stations (gas, oil, coal, nuclear) and these locations are in purple. Many communities throughout the World live in close proximity to nuclear, gas and coal power plant operations. There are health risks breathing breathing polluted air such as asthma and also cancer in some instances. The map aims to provide a visual contrast of the fossil fuel and renewable energy production going on around us.

Click on the dots above and navigate to the local maps below for discussion and to learn more about each power plant issue. Please email us to add a new local map discussion.

United States, Africa, Alabama, Arkansas, Asia, Australia, Brazil, California, Canada, China, Colorado, Florida, Egypt, France, Georgia, Germany, Idaho, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Malaysia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mexico, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico Nevada, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Norway, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Philippines, Pakistan, Poland, Pennsylvania, Russia, Shanghai, South America, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Thailand, Texas, United Kingdom (UK), Utah, Virginia, Vietnam, Washington, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Wyoming


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